1  An indemnity issued to the carrier by a bank; protects the carrier against any possible losses or damages arising from release of the merchandise to the receiving party. This instrument is usually issued when the bill of lading is lost or is not available is called
 Bank Guarantee
 Steamship Guarantee
 2  Rates applicable to certain classes of commodities. Usually these rates are applied to commodities that move in large volume shipments in a given market. Hence, this rates are usually lower than the general commodity rate between the same pair of cities is called
 Special Rate
 Specific Commodity Rate
 Negotiated rate
 3  A nonstop trip of a vessel from an origin port to a destination port (one departure and one arrival) is called
 Voyage leg
 4  The mate’s receipt is a document of title to the goods shipped
 5  Name of boarding officer is written by board clerk at the time of boarding the vessel in
 Stores List
 Crew list
 Shipping journal
 6  The principal rule of advance financial payment of hire to the vessel owners in
 Voyage charter
 Time chartering
 7  Can a ship be arrested if she is already beached for demolition if Bill of Entry is filed for demolition the ship
 8  Minimum Standards of Ship's agents prepared by
 9  Ports generally supply cargo handling equipments including shore crane, heavy lift crane, mobile crane, floating crane, fork lift, payloaderd and port workers such as winch drivers, onboard labourers, shore labourers on payment to the Stevedores to carry out cargo operation work is called
 Service Ports
 Tool Ports
 Landlord ports
 10  Number allocated at the time of built or when a ship is first included in Lloyd’s Register of ships) is a permanent identification number which will remain unchanged upon transfer of flag
 Official Number
 IMO number
 Global Shipping Number
 11  The owner of a ship can choose not to operate his ship himself but to entrust this to a third person or company. The person who hires a ship or several ships in bareboat charter or in time charter is called. ..
 Managing owner
 Registered owner
 Disponent Owner
 Beneficial owner
 12  A person specially employed by the owner of a cargo to take charge of the merchandise which has been shipped have complete control over the cargo, and everything which immediately concerns it, unless their authority is either expressly or impliedly restrained. Under certain circumstances, they are responsible for the cargo is called
 Master Mariner
 13  A court having jurisdiction over maritime questions pertaining to ocean transport, including contracts, charters, collisions, and cargo damages is
 supreme Court
 Federal Court
 Admirality Court
 14  The costs associated with disposing or recycling products that have been returned due to customer rejects, end of life or obsolescence is called
 Return Processing Cost
 Return inventory cost
 Return Disposal cost
 15  Charterer pays for cost of loading/discharging cargo, including stowage and trimming is termed a
 FILO Free In/Liner Out
 FIOST - Free In/Out and Trimmed
 FIOS - Free In/Out Stowed
 16  The space not occupied by cargo in a cargo space, caused by spaces between packages and fittings in the ship such as pillars, ladders, stanchions, large angle brackets and beams is known as
 Stowage factor
 broken stowage
 17  A thorough examination and checking of the vessels/aircrafts is undertaken on selective basis taking due note of the past history of the vessels, the area/country from which these are arriving, the intelligence report etc- known as
 18  A contract between a shipper and an ocean carrier of conference, in which the shipper makes a commitment to provide a minimum quantity of cargo over a fixed time period is called
 Sales Contract
 Freight contract
 Service contract
 19  Counties of Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific Islands are called as Counties of Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific Islands are called as
 Scandinavia region
 East Asia region
 Oceana region
 20  Person employed by a ship owner, shipping company, charterer of a ship or shipper of goods to supervise cargo handling operations is called
 Chief Engineer
 Port Captain